Our Root

A Hong Kong Brand

Hailing from HongKong, RICEPATHY was founded in 2021 by locally born and bred Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Gisele. Just like how East meets West in our beloved city, RICEPATHY is the first of its kind in the local market to blend together the benefits of veganism and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

All our products are made with TCM concepts in mind, bringing food therapy to the everyday in the most inclusive way possible with our freshest organic natural ingredients. Imagine protein shakes, desserts and even cocktails! RICEPATHY creates healthy drinks that go beyond the breakfast table, and we welcome you to use our drinks in your own extraordinary way.

Our Vision

RICEPATHY believes that extraordinary things start small. We started from making black rice milk, but this is not our final destination! Perhaps one day we’d be listing outside Hong Kong, perhaps we’d be doing something entirely unexpected- who knows?  

Our vision is not just about putting out new products to the market every season. We take things slow. We do small-batch. We listen to what you think. What we really hope to offer is an alternative option for people looking for something healthy and special to drink. We’re a brand that hopes to grow with you, to embark upon that healthy journey with you, to support you along the way.  

Because we know that extraordinary things take time, step by step, glass by glass.

energy booster

Why "Rice"?

Rice has been the staple food for many regions since ancient times. The thought of fluffy, chewy steamed rice evokes a sense of warmth and comfort, not to mention its health benefits, providing the energy we need for every day. Traditional Chinese Medicine embraces rice for its ability to strengthen the spleen-stomach, where qi, blood and fluids are produced in the body. 

With this understanding in mind, RICEPATHY’s founder, Gisele, who is also a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, has been making grains an essential part of her diet for many years. She believes that there is no such thing as a “better” type of rice. As long as you choose well according to your body condition, any sort of rice could bring the greatest benefit to your health. Yet, for some individuals, unmilled rice such as black rice, brown rice and purple rice could become difficult to digest. Having experienced how eating grains transformed her health, Gisele wanted more people to be able to enjoy the same benefits, and this is how RICEPATHY was born. By transforming rice into a drinkable form, RICEPATHY retains most of the nutrients in rice while making it easily digestible, meaning people who could not consume unmilled rice before could now incorporate this into their diets.