Frequently Asked questions

Do your products contain sugar?
Our products contain absolutely no added sugar! All naturally occurring sugars found in our products are derived from rice and cereals.
RICEPATHY is a Hong Kong brand specialising in plant-based non-dairy beverages for all individuals who want to become more health-conscious in their everyday living. Founded by Gisele, a Chinese Medicine Practitioner with a passion for food therapy, RICEPATHY’s vegan milk is a modern take on traditional food therapy, reintroducing natural and nutritious ingredients in a drinkable form that fits our busy urban lifestyle.
Where can I find RICEPATHY?
Are RICEPATHY products vegan?
All RICEPATHY products are 100% vegan, natural andplant-based. We can assure you that not a single drop of cow milk(or any othertraces of animal product) is involved in the production of our products.
Do RICEPATHY products contain GMOs?
No, RICEPATHY products are 100% GMO-free. All of ouringredients are cultivated in the exact same way as they have been forthousands of years, without any genetic modification. RICEPATHY is committed toonly non-GMO ingredients as we believe in respecting nature and creating asustainable future for all. 
What ingredients are there in RICEPATHY?
We believe there is beauty in simplicity. That is why weonly use a maximum of 5 completely natural ingredients for our RICEPATHYdrinks: rice, cereals, sunflower oil, salt, and water. We do not use anyflavouring or preservatives, chemical additives, gluten, lactose, or GMO ingredients.
Is RICEPATHY certified organic?
RICEPATHY products are certified by Organic AgricultureEurope, which guarantees that the product is produced with climate andenvironment protection in mind, respecting natural cycles and rejecting the useof chemical, synthetic and GMO products.
What are the nutrition values of RICEPATHY?
The nutrition values are listed on our product page.
How long does RICEPATHY last?
Very long! With our heat treated and aseptic filling technique, unopened shelf-stable RICEPATHY products can keep fresh for many months even without preservatives added. Make sure to check the Best BeforeDate on the top of the packaging before consuming.
How is RICEPATHY produced?
Don't expect to find Michelin chef instructions here.RICEPATHY keeps things simple — cook, mix, sterilize and fill. Our no-nonsenserecipe keeps all the additives away and focuses on bringing out the best of ourfresh ingredients!
How do I dispose of the packaging?
Follow Plastic Free Seas’ instructions here to learn how to recycle liquid cartons. Don’t forget to check out MilMill for more recycling ideas.
How do I prepare or serve RICEPATHY?
We love our product and we hope you love it too. Drink it cold or warm. Mix it with your protein shake or morning cereal. Did you know we’ve created a cookbook too? Check out this page for some easy, healthy and delicious recipes. 
Are you planning to make more RICEPATHY products?
Yes. We are full of ideas! The RICEPATHY team is constantly experimenting with different rice and cereal combinations, bringing more products to the market very soon. If you have a great combo idea you’d like us to make, or that you’d like to see our modern take on your grandma’s secret home recipe, feel free to get in touch with us — we never say never!
Can I offer RICEPATHY at my business?
Of course! We are always seeking partners to work with. Drop us a message at