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We only do extraordinary vegan drinks, extraordinary taste, and more important to your heath.


Black Rice Milk

That black rice goodness you never knew you’d need.  Delightfully robust with that nutty flavour distinctive to black rice, RICEPATHY’s Black Rice Milk is oh-so-smooth and naturally sweet - but not too sweet. Made with just 4 natural ingredients, this plant-based milk features black rice, TCM’s beloved wholesome grain that effectively restores Qi (Life force) and nourishes blood, meaning it is particularly great for women’s health.

Water, organic black rice (14%), organic sunflower oil, sea salt.


millet Rice Milk

Made with double organic supergrains, RICEPATHY’s Millet Rice Milk is thirst-quenching and light in texture. Millet gives the drink a hint of pleasant toastiness, complemented by the rice’s mild sweetness. In TCM, millet has been used for strengthening the kidney, stomach and spleen, clearing heat and detoxifying the body while improving digestion problems.

Water, organic millet (12%), organic rice (2%), organic sunflower oil, sea salt.